Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Book reviews

There is a review of The Indians of Iowa at Archaeology at

The book is also mentioned at the website for the movie Lost Nation: The Ioway.


  1. I really enjoyed this book. I liked the fact that it was short AND Comprehensive. It's a good companion and reference. Thanks to this book I have a good orientation of the many American Indian tribes that ever set foot in the Euro-American boundaries we currently call Iowa. I wished I would've had this book prior to searching out old Annals of Iowa, Palimpsests, and Iowa Journals of History and Politics for information about American Indians in Iowa. The many Iowa periodicals tend to be a bit contradictory and, of course, written from a Euro-American point of view. Foster's book clears up the confusion and whets my appetite to learn more.

    I'm glad, for once, that a book about American Indians is written by an American Indian. I think this has been long overdue and I applaud Foster's contribution to the state where I live. The reference in the back gives me plenty of stuff for further reading.

    I can't help but mention the sadness I feel when I learn about my white fathers who removed the Amerian Indians from their land, and proceeded to desecrate it in the name of progress by draining the wetlands, cutting the forests, straightening the streams, and plowing the prairies. How does one reconcile the past? It's hard to take pride in our past when we know the truth. How does one go forward?

  2. I really appreciate your kind review, John. You don't know how much it means to hear that the book was enjoyed and added to a reader's understanding :-)

    If you get a chance, could you post your review to the page for the book? And maybe "tag" the keywords there too?

    Blessings upon you, John

    And you go forward by learning about the past, telling folks the truth when it comes up in conversation, and especially by taking good care of the land and the ancestral sites

  3. Thanks! Been meaning to get back here to your blog. I posted a review on Amazon just now.

    I started paddling Iowa's rivers in 2004, and I feel like I'm seeing Iowa for the very first time. I have become very proud of what is left to love--all that is not concrete or monuments to money. The rivers have slowed me down and taught me to observe the beauty that is still there, the beauty that continues to be threatened by "progress". The same "progress" that began altering our landscape in the 1830s. Some things never change. I'm a member of a group that is fighting a road that would plow right through the Des Moines River Greenbelt, linking downtown Des Moines with Ankeny and other burbs to the north (see Developers have dollar signs in their eyes and politicians follow the money. I grow weary. Big Ag pollutes our streams and is now responsible for destroying a large area of the Gulf of Mexico.

    I'm just sorry it took me so long to wake up. I guess I'm still waking up.